I/O Error 22 in writeto, ret -1, file 6(K:srt104988), addr 0

Posted by bbrennan on 14-Dec-2017 12:50

OE11.3 Windows running on Windows 2012 (I think) terminal server.

Intermittent run time error when a user closes a review screen of previously posted transactions is one of the main complaints.

I am trying to determine if this is a coding issue or one of network connectivity.  The kbase for 290 errors seems split on the topic.

I'm just getting started but thought the detail in the error might tap into someone's past experience.

There are a number of run time and performance issues in this system that only seemed to appear when they moved from a local client server deployment to running it in a remote data center using a locally hosted box providing the remote desktop sessions.

Thanks for any insight.  

Bob Brennan

IMS, Inc.

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Posted by Paul Koufalis on 14-Dec-2017 19:26

The temp file directory is probably on a network drive. Not good. Move the -T to a local temp directory on the WTS.

I see this often: the Windows admin set the "Start In" (working directory) to the user's network home directory and there is no -T in the startup PF. Performance can be severely affected if the client startup parameters are not tuned correctly.


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