Debug-Listing of spefic revision

Posted by Dominik Loewenstein on 13-Dec-2017 00:32

Is it possible to generate a debug listing of a specific revision of Subversion ?

Sometimes i have log files and cant find the problem, the line number is only helpful with the debug listing of the right revision of the customer. Check out the whole project of the right revision would be really time expensive.

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Posted by bronco on 13-Dec-2017 04:35

Can't you do a "switch to" that particular revision? That's most of the time much much faster then checking out the whole project.

Posted by Dominik Loewenstein on 14-Dec-2017 00:18

I give it a try, i check a new project out and use it only for switch to other versions.


With different revisions it seems to work but if it is an older ressource i have to check it out

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