GitHub, TFS, SVN, what to use?

Posted by goo on 12-Dec-2017 10:29

I am starting a project at a customer site, and they don't have any reposetory for the code. They need to have their code on site. What should we go for? Good or bad?

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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 12-Dec-2017 10:31

For project end-to-end SCMS - Roundtable's the way to go. For simple scms I've used git and mercurial with good results.

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 12-Dec-2017 10:33

We use Roundtable TSMS for our OpenEdge development and Roundtable Team for our non-OE development. :)

Posted by Mike Fechner on 12-Dec-2017 10:34

If branching and merging is important, nothing beats Perforce.

Posted by goo on 12-Dec-2017 11:26

In my understanding, RT is expensive or not? I will look Intoine Perforce... and perhaps check pricing foe RT :-) it has to be easy to maintain

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 12-Dec-2017 11:29

"Expensive" depends on ROI - if it costs a lot and saves you even more, it's worth it. If it's free and costs more in time and effort to maintain than the value derived from the tool, that's not worth it.

Posted by bronco on 12-Dec-2017 12:25

I find Git combined with gitlab very useful (you need a "git server" as well, hence gitlab). Git is the darling of the open source community and therefor a lot integrations are available and some support just Git, nothing else (npm).

Posted by GregHiggins on 20-Jan-2018 15:41

I like git and I use Amazon CodeCommit.

Posted by Jens Dahlin on 22-Jan-2018 06:43

Git <> GitHub <> GitLab. It's very simple to set up a local git repository using git only over ssh. You don't need GitHub, GitLab etc if you want to keep everything on site.

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