JMS Adapter - Error starting adaptman - Cannot find property

Posted by terry_b on 08-Dec-2017 18:11

We are in the process of doing a staggered migration from SonicMQ to the new JMS adapter with WebsphereMQ. 

We successfully started the 2nd admin server, however when we get errors when starting the adapter:-

adaptman -name websphere1 -start  -port 20960


Connecting to Progress AdminServer using rmi://localhost:20960/Chimera (8280)

Searching for websphere1 (8288)

Connecting to websphere1  (8276)

Unable to start websphere1 (8297)


In the cmdplugin.log we have error:-

Plug-in of type:>(Dec 8, 2017 06:09:05:907)

  Unable to start websphere1 due to Invalid property name: "killAgentAfterTimeout". (PRPMsg009) in  UBroker


In the admserv.log we have

   * PropMgrPlugin.getSvcNameForParentGrp() failure: com.progress.ubroker.util.PropMgrUtils$CantFindGroup:   Cannot find property group UBroker.OD. (8254) (8171)

I tried commenting out the line ‘ODBC DataServer=UBroker.OD’ entry in the Parentgroup section of the 2nd file but that did not help.

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