PASOE - ABL Application config changes not picked after stop

Posted by brianlafertewk on 08-Dec-2017 11:00

I am in the process of planning a migration from Classic AppServers to using PASOE (using OpenEdge11.7.2).

Currently I have configured a PASOE instance with four ABL Applications (representing different database connections/PROPATHs), with each ABL Application having a single ABL WebApp running under it (oeabl.war).  This all works fine.  I'm connecting to each WebApp/apsv without an issue.

My issue is when changing the configuration of an ABL Application.  It appears that if I have PASOE running, then make a change to the 'Agent startup parameter' (add a database connection, for example) for one of the ABL Applications, the change will not be recognized after stopping the currently running agent for that ABL Application.  When a new request is received a new agent starts, but it does not have the most recent change to the 'Agent startup parameter' (according to both a check of the NUM-DBS via an AppServer call and the Agent stack trace in Explorer).  

If I restart the PASOE instance, the 'Agent startup parameter' change will take effect.

Is this expected behavior?  Or is there a step that I am missing?  While restarting the PASOE instance for ABL Application configuration changes isn't a problem in development environments, it would be more than inconvenient to need to restart all ABL Applications on a production server in order to make a change to a single ABL Application.



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Posted by Roy Ellis on 13-Dec-2017 15:39

Hi Brian,

based on your description I would expect this to work.  Can you give me a little more information?

How are you changing the Agent startup parameter?  

1) Directly in the file?  

2) Via OpenEdge Explorer/Management?  

3) Or using PDSOE?

Thanks, Roy

Posted by brianlafertewk on 14-Dec-2017 07:38


Initially I was making my change using OpenEdge Explorer.  I have also tried changing the file directly.  The result is the same using either method.  (Note that the changes to the file ARE recorded immediately when clicking 'Save' in OpenEdge Explorer).

After more testing I have found that changes to PROPATH are picked up right away when starting a new agent (along with activate/connect/startup procedures).  However, changes to the 'Agent startup parameter' are not being picked up until the PASOE instance is stopped and started again.



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