Are the ideas dead?

Posted by doa on 06-Dec-2017 06:35

The ideas section seems to be completely abandoned.

* The OpenEdge 11.6 Community Input section is still up for some reason.
* The last time something was changed to complete was over a year ago now (at least in OpenEdge Developement).
* Coming soon is completely unused.
* There are duplicate ideas that just dilute the vote counts.
* In OpenEdge Database there are 7 ideas on "coming soon", but all of them are 2 or 3 year old, without any feedback on when the feature can be expected

This would be such a nice thing for the community but at the moment i see no use in creating new ideas without getting any kind of feedback from Progress.

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Posted by OctavioOlguin on 06-Dec-2017 13:07

Yes.  you are right.

I think some culprit of the low ideas interest, is that getting a global view of the ideas is missing.  I guess that the "forum" style, one after another, won't contribute   If spmeone could came with som design of some kind of map or heat of ideas, bet a beer it would be such a success...

Posted by Rob Straight on 06-Dec-2017 13:52

The Ideas area of Communities is not dead, but...

It is not the ideal tool to provide status from Progress back to the Community. If someone asks for a new feature, the best case is that it comes at a time when planning for the next OpenEdge release is just starting, and the feature is prioritized high on the list (a positive addition that will benefit many). After dev and test, the feature would be released in perhaps 9-15 months. That's ideal. The more typical case is that a new Idea comes in during a dev cycle, so it sits until planning starts for the next release. Then, if it is not a higher priority, it can be pushed to the release after, or even longer. In the meantime, what status can we provide? "Under consideration" doesn't seem to be right, nor does "we will look at this again at some point in the future.

I can say that OpenEdge Product Management reviews the voting whenever we start preparing to define a new release, and the votes are taken as input of interest. For those items selected, we do attempt to mark them as "Coming Soon", and once released, to update the status to "Available". We certainly can do a better job with that, but that is our process.

I encourage people to keep submitting their Ideas- they do get read by Progress, and again, the voting is a valid data point as we consider what we should implement.

Going forward, we are thinking about how to improve the requirements gathering process, including feedback to our customers.

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 06-Dec-2017 14:38

In that case a discussion of what you're considering when the "dev" time comes would be helpful and we could all have a conversation about what comes next.

Posted by Lieven De Foor on 20-Dec-2017 02:26

Hi Rob,

Could you give us some insight on what is on the shortlist for OE 12.0? I couldn't attend the last PUG challenge, but I'm sure there must have been a session about what's coming in the (near) future?

I think the Ideas can be roughly classified in 2 categories:

- Nice-to-haves: things that a minor nuisance and can be worked around with. Still, if these reoccur often they can move to the next category.

- Restricting modern workflow: missing language and/or tooling features that frequently cause frustration or can't easily be worked around.

Could this idea be marked as complete: Add ability to pass datasets asynchronously

Some things (I've only picked 3 :-)) I would like to know the status of (i.e. are they on the radar for the next release)

- Generics! (43 votes):

- Override non abstract properties (35 votes):

- Multiple assembly directories (39 votes):

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