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Posted by on 30-Nov-2017 12:27

We're pleased to announce a new release of our Entity Relationship Diagram editor for OpenEdge -

This can be used to design an OpenEdge database in a graphical manner, it is specifically designed for OpenEdge and fully integrated with the PSDOE so everything can be done from an integrated development environment.

It does support multiple databases per diagram, all OpenEdge objects/properties, table relations (even from different databases), table templates (to easily define fields common to multiple tables), model validation and full support for data definition language (df). Import and export to data definition and OpenEdge project's database, model compare (each other or with history) and incremental definition file based on model differences.

Give it a try, the only limitation of the evaluation version is on the number of tables per diagram (15) but that can be lifted by requesting an evaluation license so please contact us if you need to test it on more than sports2000 database :)

Marian Edu
Acorn IT
+40 740 036 212

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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 30-Nov-2017 13:06

Just in case anyone else is slow like me, the download link can be found on the page "above" the one linked:  ;)

Posted by on 30-Nov-2017 13:20

Thanks Rob,

that actually was in purpose to also get the pointer to the documentation, especially this requirements - 

Mainly it works with Eclipse starting from Kepler (4.3), although the core works just fine on any OS (where Eclipse works) the integration with PSDOE part is only available for Windows :(

Marian Edu

Acorn IT 
+40 740 036 212

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