AppServer error - Version 11 of the server can not accept in

Posted by 61106902 on 30-Oct-2017 14:06

Hello everyone,

We have here na aplication that conect with our AppServer.

But, when we try a conection, pop up an error on AppServer log “Version 11 of the server can not accept incompatible client version 9. (12330)”

What that means? And how we can fix it ?

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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 30-Oct-2017 14:14

From ProKB:

"Client and AppServer do not always have to have the exact same version, but they must be compatible versions.  If you get this message, you may have to upgrade one or the other to match."

Was your AppServer platform recently upgraded to a newer version of OpenEdge 11.x?  Or is a v9 client now connecting to it, which wasn't previously?

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 30-Oct-2017 14:15

What is the client? Is it a Progress 4GL program that is running? Or something else?

If Progress, then what version of Progress is the client running? Compatibility is only one version back.

If it is a java application, then you probably have an old o4glrt.jar.


Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 31-Oct-2017 05:24

There is a version mismatch in between your client and AppServer. Can you please mention what are your client and AppServer versions?

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