Ulimit changes when running UNIX command from 4GL

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 18-Oct-2017 11:47

AIX 6.1
OE 10.2B08

When I shell out to unix from the Progress editor, my ulimits change. /etc/security/limits.conf confirms that I have unlimited file size, and running ulimit -a from the shell confirms that. However, if I enter the Progress editor then shell out to unix, my ulimits change and file = 2 GB.

I feel it must have something to do with the setuid bit and subsequent downgrade, but I'm not sure what I can do about it.


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Posted by Nigel Allen on 19-Oct-2017 16:36

Not next to a machine right now to check but can this be addressed with the dot files (.bash_profile etc)?

Used this last week as a reference / reminder: https://medium.com/@webprolific/getting-started-with-dotfiles-43c3602fd789



Posted by Paul Koufalis on 19-Oct-2017 21:03

I don't see how. Can you elaborate please?

Posted by PhilF on 23-Oct-2017 14:50

He may mean .bashrc, which is re-sourced every time you start a new shell.  (The .bash_profile is only sourced when you log in.)  You could put a ulimit command in there, or in the /etc/bashrc file for all users.

But you may not have permission to increase your ulimit, so that might not work.

I'm curious to know the environment you are running.  I have tried this on a few systems -- both OE Enterprise and OE Workgroup -- and I don't see the issue.  That leads me to wonder if this is happening at the script level and not at the Progress level.  Or perhaps it has something to do with the version of Progress or a setting in your O/S security.

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Posted by Paul Koufalis on 24-Oct-2017 08:51

Phil: AIX 6.1 + OE 10.2B. Also AIX 6.1 + OE 10.1C.

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