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Posted by Nigel Allen on 29-Sep-2017 18:46

and this is relevant to Progress because.......?

On 29/09/17 19:12, soujanyanaganuri wrote:
Update from Progress Community

Enforcing new IT systems may be a discouraging forecast for a few businesses. They’re afraid that this will interrupt their day by day sports, take time to implement and that team of workers will need time to get acquainted with it. The identical happens while we communicate to SMEs approximately SAP software program. frequently they assume that SAP software is just too complex for a business enterprise in their length. They usually trust that SAP is built for larger corporations, despite the fact that they understand it can help them.

While you get to understand our answers a bit higher, but, you see that this complexity is just a delusion. We speak broadly speaking to SMEs. they're looking for software program that is simple to put in force, run and use, and that they need to experience it first-hand to prove it. They want to peer businesses just like theirs that already use SAP. thankfully for us, there are 88,000 SMEs that use SAP. while you take a look at those companies and specially at what they have got achieved, you’ll see that it does not take long to put in force the software and that it's miles continually a good funding.

In the previous years, the amount of SMEs implementing SAP Business One Training software program has tripled. partly because it’s no longer tough to use and deploy, however additionally as it offers the identical advantages as the SMEs consider to be handiest for larger companies. typically previously manual processes are alternatively speedy modified to automatic ones, SMEs received extra perception into their companies and reduce on charges fairly brief.

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