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Posted by MBeynon on 13-Sep-2017 03:34


I'm currently investigating, on behalf of the company I work for, the effort involved in setting up an OE SaaS environment using AWS for the purposes of determining;

a. The effort involved,

b. The cost,

c. The viability

I've estabished that we will need at a minimum;

a. An AWS Windows Workspace to install an OE client runtime,

b. An EC2 instance to hold the database (Windows or Unix),

c. An S3Bucket (useful for storing files)

My question is has anyone had any experience of this and if so are there any caveats or pitfalls I should be aware of?

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Posted by kh-it on 14-Sep-2017 13:17

A little introduction I am  a developer for a company that is making it's start (first release december).

Server: Linux

Backend: RDBMS, PAS

frontend: KENDO UI

We have chosen AWS because

- There where the leaders in cloud

- They had a low cost

- An amazing good documentation

a. The effort if you know how to configure a server it's easy also you have an easy use for binding security groups to EC2 instances I didn't configure a firewall an use this for access to ports IP's....

b. The cost it depend I don't use a dedicated machine because as startup we don't need it and will not directly have thousands of clients. We start with a linux machine 8G RAM CPU I don't know directly. I think around 700euro each year. Dedicated machines are to expensive for them at the beginning.

c.a OE client runtime no experience in the cloud but it's running on that machine so the connection to your database wil be very fast.

No experience with AWS windows workspaces.

Have another very small client that needed simple 3 users on a windows machine just added the 3 IP's to the firewall and installed a windows server.

c.b No problem very easy in use and more storage so easy. The same for CPU or RAM on the EC2 instance only seconds the only problem you have to first shutdown your machine

c.c S3 I think this is amazing together with cloudfront in my opinion storage for file and mailing don't do it yourself it will cost you to much time and maintainance. For S3 there is much docu.

We will use S3 (hosting website, documents, files,... )

The only thing I was not happy with was for S3 combined with cloudfront for security use and encryption there is no SDK for Progress and also not possible on a *nix machine for running .NET in Progress... I had to adjust the program to .NET CORE and made a Progress class for interfacing with this.

But this is no problem if you don't want to get the files directly from a web call from the client(securely).

I hope this is somewhat useful.



Posted by MBeynon on 15-Sep-2017 02:25

Thanks for the reply KH-IT,

It was very helpful.

I've made a start configuring the system I've detailed in my original post. I've installed the OE DB on the EC2 instance and our OE application on the AWS Workspace as well as WorkDocs for the workspace to make transfering files a lttle easier.

The problem I'm having at the moment is I can't seem to connect to the OE DB from the Workspace app. or from my on prem client machine. I've configured the EC2 Firewall to allow all traffic (temporarliy) to try to make the connection. I can ping the EC2 public IP no problem.

I'm going to post the issue I'm having on this forum and see if I can get some help.



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