webspeed webwrite error 6404 - sometimes catch-able ?

Posted by Etienne Begin on 12-Sep-2017 08:33

OE102B HPUX i64 11.31


I have users in China which have a bad connection which cause webwrite errors that are logged in wrk/server.log.  The page returns maybe 1500 lines of XML and a 1000 lines of HTML.

I understand we have to look at connection issues, reduce the page size and execution time etc.  I have read the KBs.

However, the webwrite error is caught by a catch block in the code.  This application emails support when unhandled exceptions occur, and the email is basically listing errors caught, userid, server, program name, progress.lang.syserror:callstack info.

I am surprised to see that 6404 gets caught by a catch statement.  I cannot talk to those China users, nor do I have access to their production server.  I have tried to reproduce the error in my dev environment (adding 1000ms latency in chrome), and I am able to reproduce error 6404 - but I can't seem to be able to catch the error.

I must be missing something, but anyone here ever had a program catch error 6404 ? I have seen posts in the past where people complained the error was not catch-able!


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