SERIALIZE-NAME of dynamic temp-table

Posted by Mike Fechner on 04-Sep-2017 05:11

The SERIALIZE-NAME attribute applies to a temp-table object handle as well as a buffer object handle. 

When creating a dynamic-temp-table and assigning the SERIALIZE-NAME prior to the TEMP-TABLE-PREPARE, is it the desired behavior, that the SERIALIZE-NAME of the default buffer handle is the table NAME, not the table's SERIALIZE-NAME?

To me that's a bug, because it's not consistent with a static temp-table definition. 

Or at least a very, very nasty feature.

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 04-Sep-2017 05:11 FWIW

Posted by Peter Judge on 05-Sep-2017 10:12

I’d log it.
At the very least it needs to be clarified in the doc and at worst it’s a bug.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 05-Sep-2017 10:23

Thanks Peter!

Case - 00414581

Posted by Robin Brown on 05-Sep-2017 12:06

It is a bug.  The serialize-name of the temp-table and its default buffer are supposed to be kept in sync.  Please log a call so that we can fix this.


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