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Posted by RichardElvin on 29-Aug-2017 08:30

OE11.5 Win8.1

As a proof-of-concept I'm trying to send a message from Progress to WebSphere on my local machine.

I've done the %DLC%/properties changes, started my broker, created a JNDI connection factory JAR, but when I try and send a message I get "Error connecting to the JMS AppServer service.".

I think my problem may be my changes aren't being picked up.

The reason I say this is that looking at some previous threads around this, e.g.  "Connect to WebSphere MQ through JMS API (JMS Adapter)" a few months back (link below), I see from THEIR sonicMQ1.server.log (edited for readability, substituted <path> for long paths)...

Main >(Mar 27, 2017 04:37:25:351) <path>/sonicMQ1.server.log opened.
Main >(Mar 27, 2017 04:37:25:351) : Starts Adapter server logging.
Main >(Mar 27, 2017 04:37:25:351) : LoggingLevel set to = 5
Main >(Mar 27, 2017 04:37:25:351) : The system property: sonicMQExtensions is set to false
Main >(Mar 27, 2017 04:37:25:351) : The classpath is set to <path>/progress.jar:<path>/<path>/AdminObjectFinder.jar
Main >(Mar 27, 2017 04:37:25:390) : Reading from location : <path>/
Main >: The AdminObjectFinder.getTopicConnectionFactory method is used for finding the TopicConnectionFactory object. (9301)
Main >: The AdminObjectFinder.getQueueConnectionFactory method is used for finding the QueueConnectionFactory object. (9303)
Main >: The AdminObjectFinder.getTopic method is used for finding the Topic objects. (9305)
Main >: The AdminObjectFinder.getQueue method is used for finding the Queue objects. (9307)

But when I start MY sonicMQ1 adapter I get this in MY sonicMQ1.server.log

Main  >(29-Aug-2017 13:37:27:648) C:\OpenEdge115\WRK\sonicMQ1.server.log opened.
Main  >(29-Aug-2017 13:37:27:648) : Starts Adapter server logging.
Main  >(29-Aug-2017 13:37:27:648) : LoggingLevel set to = 5
Main  >(29-Aug-2017 13:37:27:672) : SonicMQ Client Version: 8.5.1
Main  >: A public jmsfrom4gl.AdminObjectFinder class was not found. JMS administered objects will be created dynamically. (9299)
S-0001>(29-Aug-2017 13:38:01:868)     Startup Parameters:
    jmsServerName: null
    brokerURL: QM1
    clientID: null
    pingInterval: null
    transactedPublish: false
    transactedReceive: false
    singleMessageAck: false
    symbiontAdapter: false
    jmsDomain: true

It looks to me like Progress has not picked up the fact I've configured it to use WebSphere.
I don't get the "The system property: sonicMQExtensions is set to false" line.
And it is looking for a jmsfrom4gl.AdminObjectFinder class rather than a jmsfromABL.AdminObjectFinder which I have created and placed in the classpath.
(my understanding is jmsfrom4gl is for sonic, jmsfromABL is for WebSphere).

Any ideas?

Link to previous thread I reference

My entry...

    jvmargs=-DsonicMQExtensions=false -DjmsProvider=WebSphereMQ

Thanks in advance!
Richard Elvin.

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