Runing uncompiled code on Linux

Posted by mikaelstenmark on 28-Aug-2017 03:35


Which OEDK do I need to be able to run uncompiled code on Linux? Today I have a coporate subscription. If I understand the manual correctly, the "OE RDBMS Adv Enterprise Edition" component will contain the subcomponent 4Gl. Or do I have to have a "premium" subscription to be able to run 4gl code on Linux? This is only to be used in test and staging not in produktion


Mikael Stenmark

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Posted by PhilF on 31-Aug-2017 06:30

I haven't tried it -- but I'm guessing that need to include this entry in your activation file:

   OE Development Server Serial #

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 31-Aug-2017 06:41

If I am not mistaken, OE Dev Server is a limited developer version of OE App Server.  You can compile code with 4GL Development System, aka the compiler.

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