Finding origins of mixed color as wavelength

Posted by soujanyanaganuri on 23-Aug-2017 00:48

So i'm trying to show my webcam to a simple spectrometer. due to the fact entire procedure is behind not most effective camera chip, but additionally the framework that receives the values I need to paintings with RPA. This makes me ask myself a query: am i able to wager the predominant wavelengths each light consists from?
There will be a chunk of CD, or a crystal to interrupt the light beam to portions, earlier than it reaches the camera, however still I need some self-calibration. And additionally, i like fine graphs.
aside from changing RGB, another solution can be generating complete spectra as Rainbow and evaluating RGB to spectra. Is that feasible?
Query precis (let me make it clean for downvoters):

How to guess now not best dominant colour in RGB but also attempt to bet some composite values (eg. for magenta)?
a way to generate rainbow so i will use it to examine it with RGB?
And for people who demand sourcecode example, i am seeking out feature:

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