Support for wildcard SSL certificates

Posted by danielb on 14-Aug-2017 19:11

Are there any plans for OpenEdge to support SSL wildcard certificates? The most recent article I could find was 000063754, which says:

"Progress / OpenEdge do not support wildcard certificate.  This information is current as of April 2016."

That was over 1 year ago. I can't see anything in the 11.6 or 11.7 release notes about support for this.

With the introduction of PASOE, and the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway, HTTPS connections are becoming more and more prevalent. Industry best practices mean that all connections be secure by default. Companies use wildcard certificates to reduce costs (as having a named certificate per server is expensive), and it also eases maintenance.

Posted by Martha Lynch on 15-Aug-2017 09:28

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Posted by Martha Lynch on 15-Aug-2017 09:28
Posted by danielb on 16-Aug-2017 18:31

Thanks, Martha. I must have missed the mention of that change in the 11.7 release notes.

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