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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 01-Aug-2017 12:45

Quick question: is it appropriate to use for both doc bugs and doc change/enhancement requests, or are there other channels that should be used?

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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 01-Aug-2017 13:42

I used to send my doc stuff through Roberta Miller. Now that she's moved on to do work on the other side of the phone I'm not sure who would get these. I'd suggest entering them as support cases.

Posted by Paul Connaughton on 01-Aug-2017 14:12

Hi Rob,

All documentation questions should be logged as cases with support. Support will then review and decide whether to log defects on behalf of the customer or if the customer should log an enhancement request on the IDEAs community forum:



Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 01-Aug-2017 14:16

Great, thanks Paul.

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