Start _mproapsv under specific user account

Posted by Peter Willer on 09-May-2017 05:21


I try to start the PASOE on Windows under a specific user account and can't find why always the _mproapsv is running under SYSTEM account.

1. from PROENV i execute the bin/startup.bat, the extra tomcat windows opens, but _mproapsv is running under SYSTEM account

2. from OpenEdge Management I try to register the PASOE as a Windows Service, I get only a result, that it didn't register as a service, without any details. The Idea was here to change the service to a specific user

Someone already investigated it?

Thank you



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Posted by Michael Jacobs on 09-May-2017 06:42

Hello Peter,

I checked again this morning and PASOE + _mproapsv run under the Windows user account that started it.   I think you have to look at the Windows environment you are trying to work in.

The method of starting PASOE is always according to whether it is configured as a Windows Service or not.

If, then you must use the standard Windows Service administration utility, or the <instance>/bin/tcman.bat service {start|stop} command.  In any case the process owners is what the Windows Service is configured for.

If, then I recommend you use the <instance>/bin/tcman.bat {start|stop} commands.  The tcman utility is superior to the simple-minded bin/startup.bat or bin/shutdown.bat.   In this case the process owners will be exactly who the process owner is who ran the startup.   The Windows way to start a process using a different user than the login user is 'runas'.

Mike Jacobs

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