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Posted by Paul Koufalis on 08-May-2017 16:14

Is anyone aware of a PDF that shows all the new features between 10.2B and 11.7?

I'm trying to save myself the work of looking at all the What's New PDFs for every version.



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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 08-May-2017 16:18


Are you looking from a particular perspective, like DB changes?  

There's no official list that I'm aware of but I've compiled a mostly db-specific list of my own from the NeRF manuals that is current up to 11.6.1.  I can provide that if you're interested.

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 08-May-2017 16:25

Rob - I'd prefer an official list going back to 9.1C - failing that I'd take a db-specific list.

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 08-May-2017 16:29

Yes please.

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 08-May-2017 17:35

I'd rather not post multiple pages of text into the thread if I can avoid it.  Is there a way to attach a file to a post?

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 08-May-2017 17:37

I don't see a way to attach to a post, you could put the file somewhere and post a link here. 

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 08-May-2017 17:45

> you could put the file somewhere and post a link here.

I don't really have a convenient "somewhere" to put the file, so I'm just posting the contents.

(Most) Significant OpenEdge database changes from 10.2B to 11.6.1

as at 2016/04/05; 11.6.1 is the current release

(also contains one or two non-database features of interest)




  • Transparent Data Encryption
  • Alternate Buffer Pool
  • new/changed idxbuild params:
  • -TF (10.2B04+)
  • -TB (new max of 64) (10.2B04+)
  • -TMB (10.2B04+)
  • -rusage (10.2B04+)
  • -datascanthreads (10.2B06+)
  • -mergethreads (10.2B06+)
    • new startup params:
    • -B2
    • -Passphrase
    • -lruskips (10.2B06+, 11.1+)
    • -lru2skips (10.2B06+, 11.1+)
    • -Nmsgwait (10.2B06+, 11.1+)
    • -prefetchDelay (10.2B06+, 11.1+)
    • -prefetchFactor (10.2B06+, 11.1+)
    • -prefetchNumRecs (10.2B06+, 11.1+)
    • -prefetchPriority (10.2B06+, 11.1+)
      • New promon LRU/LRU2 screens in R&D 4|4
      • New promon server options screen in R&D 4|7




  • Database multi-tenancy
  • RC4 cipher support in OpenEdge TDE
  • SHA-2 hashing in the ABL
  • New OE Auditing events
  • New option to make _User records SQL-only
  • New OpenEdge license removal utility
  • R-code is now portable again between 32-bit and 64-bit
  • VST support for ABL temp-tables





  • OpenEdge installer now includes JDK
  • New startup params, also added to 10.2B06 (see above)
  • Promon enhancements, also added to 10.2B06 (see above)
  • Updates to promon 6 and promon R&D 1|12 (startup param screens)
  • Encrypted passwords
  • New multi-tenant startup params: -nGovernor and –Lgovernor
  • OE SQL multi-tenant enhancements
  • New ODBC and JDBC drivers




  • proutil auditreconfig: reclaim space used by OE Auditing areas
  • drops old audit tables and indexes, recreating them in new areas
  • NOTE: truncates all audit data; use carefully!
    • maximum value for -pica (OE Replication buffers) increased from 8192 to 1,000,000
    • OE SQL:
    • more granular error messages for constraint violations
    • new query paging with OFFSET and FETCH
    • enhanced ORDER BY clause that supports column names and aliases in query expressions containing set operators
    • new param: -SQLQuotedRowid: specifies how the quoted string “rowid” is interpreted (column name or function)








  • bibackup active|all added to probkup; "active" is the default
  • skips unused backup clusters
  • NOTE: bibackup active, the default, should not be used prior to 11.5 due to a bug in prorest (PSC00317988); have to use "bibackup all" in 11.3.x and 11.4.x
    • rfutil -ailist allows roll forward of many AI extents with one command; easier and more efficient than rolling forward individual extents
    • also provides per-file completion status information
    • avoids doing a redo phase for each file
      • proutil dbrestrict qualifier: allow you to restrict access to a DB (e.g. a warm spare) so only certain clients or utilities can access it
      • prostrct create and proutil bigrow algorithms made more efficient (the latter can be reverted to old behaviour with undocumented –zextendSyncIO parameter)
















  • new Table Partitioning add-on product for Enterprise RDBMS (ABL, SQL, & utility support)
  • change to proutil behaviour with UTF-8 databases
  • new output option for analysis reports: proutil dbanalys -csoutput -csfileprefix -fieldsep -verbose



  • new Advanced Enterprise Edition RDBMS product license
  • bundles the Enterprise RDBMS product with the Multi-tenant Tables, OE Management, OE TDE, OE Replication Plus, and Table Partitioning add-on products)
    • improvements to table partitioning
    • logging and reporting of all DB broker startup parameters
    • all params are written to the log file at startup
    • new _DbParams VST with all primary broker startup params
    • all startup params are audited if OE Auditing is enabled
    • _Servers VST is enhanced with new fields for broker-specific startup params
    • promon changes to screens:
      • shared resources
      • R&D | status | startup parameters
      • VST changes are enabled with proutil enablenewvsttables qualifier
      • VST changes can be disabled for backward compatibility with pre-11.5 via proutil disablenewvsttables qualifier
      • status of new VSTs can be checked via proutil describe qualifier (feature 23)
      • prolog command now re-logs all the startup parameters to the beginning of the log, unless you specify -silent
        • it is no longer necessary to specify the -online switch when the DB is online





  • OE SQL:
  • ADT (Authorized Data Truncation): enabled in one of two ways:
    • broker startup parameter (for life of broker): proserve –db <dbname> -S <port-number> -SQLTruncateTooLarge <on/off>
    • connection URL option (for life of session) : jdbc:datadirect:openedge://<ip>:<port>;databaseName=<dbname>;truncateTooLarge=<on/off>;
    • number of truncation events is logged to the DB log at the end of the SQL client session
    • server-wide and connection-specific logging is available; note that enabling logging may degrade performance
      • see SP release notes for details
      • TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2 support for client/server connections




  • custom install utility
  • -Mm parameter no longer has to agree between client and server
  • -enforceMm startup parameter: reverts to pre-11.6 behaviour for -Mm, requiring it to be set identically on client & server
  • LOB support in dbanalys
  • new "LOB SUMMARY" section follows "RECORD SUMMARY" section in the dbanalys report
  • new *.lob.txt file is created when using the -csoutput parameter
    • new fields in _connect:
      • _Connect-PartitionId: displays the partition ID if the database is enabled for Table Partitioning and the wait type is REC or RGET
      • _Connect-Timestamp: displays the timestamp of the user's schema cache
      • _Connect-Wait2: displays additional info based on the value of _Connect-Wait1. If _Connect-Wait1 contains a ROWID, this field contains a table number. If _Connect-Wait1 contains a dbkey, this field contains an area number.
  • OE Replication:
  • replication agents can be restarted without restarting the target via: dsrutil restart agent
  • new fields in _replagent, _replagentcontrol, _replserver
  • new VSTs: _replagentactivity, _replagentcontrolactivity, _dbservicemanager, _dbservicemanagerobjects
    • OE SQL:
    • improvements to query performance after UPDATE STATISTICS
    • ASU (Autonomous Schema Update): helps resolve character width constraints by updating the SQL column width in schema automatically when Authorized Data Truncation (ADT) occurs for data in a column
      • enabled with -SQLWidthUpdate parameter




  • -crStatus startup parameter (documented but not enabled in 11.6.0)
  • -crTXDisplay startup parameter (documented but not enabled in 11.6.0)

Posted by Peter Judge on 09-May-2017 01:38

If you select the “Use rich formatting”  link you’ll be able to attach a file.

Posted by James Palmer on 09-May-2017 03:41

Alternatively fire it over to me. I have a convenient 'somewhere'.

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 09-May-2017 07:00

Thanks Peter. I didn't try that feature as it has a drop-down for image dimensions. It looked like it was just for image uploads. Will it attach any file type?

Posted by Peter Judge on 09-May-2017 07:08

I believe so. It adds a funky box IIRC but you can edit that away. Of course, as I’m remembering and describing this it may just be easier to add a document via the “Documents” tab

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