Color Coding for table field

Posted by Maksim Akimov on 24-Apr-2017 04:52

Good afternoon.

When writing code, we rarely use the full database class hierarchy as <db-name>.<Table-name>.<Table-field>. usually we write only <table-field>. After the transition to the Progress Developer Studio, we were found that now all the fields of the database tables in the code have the same color as the default variables, whcih makes it difficult to view the code..


In the previous editor, it was possible to color the user's words, that is, to create a custom dictionary. We created the file something like "user defined", in which were all <table-field> of our database.

Is it possible to do something like that in the Progress Developer Studio?



An interesting note: When writing a SQL query in a file with the .SQL extension, <table-field> is defined as object of database class and has a color that is defined for the schema. It's very likely that the ability to color only table field is.


Is there any way to solve this problem?

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