Will You be Challenging?

Posted by gus bjorklund on 17-Apr-2017 11:10

The 2017 Americas PUG Challenge/Exchange conference will soon (June 4 -> June 7) be upon us. Have you signed up? If not, you will be missing a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Why you should be there:

0) This is a technical conference exclusively focused on OpenEdge.

1) There will be over 70 technical talks on a variety of topics, each performed by a very knowledgeable and experienced speaker. No marketing pablum.

2) It will be fun.

3) It will be useful.

4) you will get to speak directly with the people who create the product and ask questions of them.

5) It doesn't cost a lot.

6) I will be there. :D

For details, go to http://pugchallenge.org

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