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Posted by Paul Koufalis on 14-Apr-2017 10:29

Current prod: 10.1C
Future prod: 11.7

How do I do a delta between version 10 and 11 DBs in order to promote dictionary changes from dev to prod? 

For a few months, dev is going to be in 11.7 and prod is going to be in 10.1C. I can't run the OE11 prodict/dump_inc.p because there are tables in OE11 that don't exist in the OE10 DB (ex.: _Tenant).

Some possible solutions:

1. Extract the OE10 dump_incr.p from and run it from the OE11 session
2. Hack the OE11 dump_incr.p to delete references to tables like _Tenant that don't exist in OE10
3. Dump the OE10 prod DF and load into an empty OE11 DB, then maintain that DB during the cutove period to create the deltas that I can then apply to the OE10 prod DBs.

Does anyone have any other solutions? Comments on the above possible solutions? I _think_ that solution #3 is the safest but logistically the most complicated.

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Posted by Paul Koufalis on 14-Apr-2017 12:36

Running the OE10 prodict src code in OE11 seems to work well so far. I have to assume that no schema fields were dropped or changed vocation from 10 to 11, but that seems like a fair assumption. I would think that proutil conv1011 can't do much more than add the missing files and fields to the schema tables.

Posted by Dmitri Levin on 14-Apr-2017 15:49

True, you could not run the OE11 prodict/dump_inc.p

But you can run the OE10 prodict/dump_inc.p ( your option 1 )

propath = "/usr/dlc102B/src," + propath.

RUN prodict/dump_inc.p.

I was using that in almost exact scenario ( dev 11.6 and prod 10.2B ) for several months.

Posted by on 15-Apr-2017 10:42

Or get the incremental out of the models diff (data definition files gets ’translated’ to a database model), although a graphical tool is definitively not as intuitive as the ‘prodict’ tools ;)

The ERD component of the IDE is going to be released by the end of this month, the project might be of some interest for savvy dba’s… 

Meanwhile that old post gives some info on what the tool can do, PSDOE integration is still to be updated to the latest OE versions but will be available for those working with PSDOE. 

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Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 20-Apr-2017 10:59

Problems like this one are a great reason to manager your OE database schema in Roundtable TSMS. :)

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