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Posted by MTBOO on 11-Apr-2017 12:13


We are building a SaaS solution based on PASOE 11.6 with SPA web front end using Kendo Web UI and JSDO with REST services (well, actually web handlers now but still RESTful) and multi-tenant DB. PASOE will be load balanced (tomcat) with possibility of horizontal scaling, bringing more app servers online when needed.

Has anyone implemented a production system to date ? Would love to hear from anyone in the community doing similar and any stats such as number of users, tx throughput, scalability setup, DR option implemented etc.

If anyone from the Pacific team has any stats on that setup, would be interested to hear from them.


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Posted by David Cleary on 12-Apr-2017 08:56

We certainly are interested in helping you get your application to production. Our tuning guide is a good start for understanding the Tomcat side of the configuration. For the ABL side, right now we think the most efficient architecture is a single agent process with as many sessions and connections that the process and database can support. But since every application is different, this should only be a starting point.
What OS will you be using and is this a cloud or on-prem deployment?

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