what is the correct sequence for ending and starting ai afte

Posted by Robert Cohen on 07-Apr-2017 14:24

Hi all,

I need to restore an offline backup database to a new database structure.  what are the correct steps to follow.

I was planning on doing the following

prostrct create dbfile dbfile.st -blocksize 8192

prorest dbfile backup-file

rfutil dbfile -C aimage end

proutil dbfile –C truncate –bi 16384 –biblocksize 16 - not sure if needed

rfutil dbfile -C aimage truncate –aiblocksize 16

rfutil dbfile –C aimage begin

rfutil dbfile –C mark backedup

rfutil dbfile –C AIARCHIVER ENABLE

do I if need to run command "rfutil dbfile -C aimage new" immediately after the mark backedup command.

thanks for any help


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