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Posted by goo on 07-Apr-2017 07:05

I am fixing an old progress 91a database, and need to check some reports build with ReportBuilder. It has worked swell until now. Suddenly it tells me that ReportBuilder cannot access the master table "NPSHTilbud" due to SQL error. Wrong rights for the table NPSHTilbud (978)

I have checked if the user has rights, and I am allowed to do a for each on the table. Is there some other setings I need to check? 

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Posted by Dmitri Levin on 07-Apr-2017 16:27

I am not sure how ReportBuilder is working and I do not remember what progress version 91 was, but if that is a SQL then the table ("NPSHTilbud") should have grant for select.

The fact that you can do "for each" (4GL) does not mean that you can "select" (SQL). Here is how you can check if the table has a public grant to select in SQL

select * from sysprogress.systabauth where TBL = 'table name';


ROOT         PUBLIC       PUB              'table name'                y

Under "SEL" it should  be "y" or "g"

Posted by marian.edu on 11-Apr-2017 21:30

ReportBuilder was/is not using SQL but 4GL engine, it all depends if you’re using the table interface or printrb/printrb2 and if you have any database connection override there… if not the database connection information that was saved in report definition (when the report was designed) is used.

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