OEDK - invoice bonanza?

Posted by Daniel Walin on 07-Apr-2017 02:19

Hello Community

We have recently upgraded our PSDN license to OEDK (when our PSDN expired). We, of course got a new invoice for OEDK which will expire in a year. There is also a brand new self-service function where you can administrate your licenses now. Seems ok so far, right?

Now, let’s say that if I have 10 OEDK licenses, the corporate version, and I want one person upgrade her/his license to Premier to test something out (or maybe the next version, 11.7 for example), then I can manage that myself using the self service.

BUT if I’m told correctly (and I hope I’m not!) then when I order the actual update, the new license will be “removed” from the bundle of 10 and have its own new expiration date and its own annual invoice. Let’s say I want another license to be upgraded to Premier as well, one month later, well then all of a sudden I will have THREE different annual invoices, 8 licenses with one expiration date and 2 other with separate expiration dates.

You can see where this is going. If I don’t handle my 10 licenses as one I will end up with 10 different annual invoices if I choose to upgrade the licenses different dates.

I figured using computers and all, there should be a way for Progress to handle this in a better way. I want one invoice for my 10 licenses no matter the flavor of each license. If I upgrade 1 license separately I will of course accept paying an invoice for the extra cost (if any) but only for the remaining time until the expiration date for the rest of the licenses.Then I get my one annual invoice which clearly states what kind of licenses I have and so forth.

Am I asking for too much? (Or even better, am I mistaken?)


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Posted by Monique Bruins on 07-Apr-2017 03:03

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your suggestion. Have send it through to our invoicing department. Enjoy the 11.7 release :-), Monique

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