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Posted by Tony on 03-Apr-2017 22:30

Hi All,

I'm sure this has been discussed before. Is there a way to not have the Admin Server started by the installation process?

We are planning to upgrade customers to OE 11.6 in phased steps to reduce down time. Step 1 being the install of 11.6 onto the server containing the databases. Step 2 being DB migration and source code recompile.

Our current approach is to shutdown the existing install long enough to install 11.6. Stop the 11.6 Admin Service and then start the existing instance.

It would be great if the 11.6 install didn't automatically start it's Admin Service during the install.

Our platform is windows and 32bit OE.

Posted by Brian Bowman on 04-Apr-2017 09:14

James is right.  I do have it on the roadmap and it is very near the top for installation.  Unfortunately we could not get to it for 11.7.0.  

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Posted by James Palmer on 04-Apr-2017 05:20

If memory serves this is something that was discussed at the info exchange at the EMEA PUG Challenge last year. In other words, it's not possible to prevent it currently, but a request has been made to have the option in future.

As a point of note, you really should be running 64bit OE on your database server. The only exception being if you need to run 32bit DLLs, but then you should really be running your application off a different server to the DB server if that's the case. The benefits in terms of memory availability with 64bit OE are huge.

Posted by Rama Murthy on 04-Apr-2017 05:58

Hi Tony,

This is not possible at the moment. Here is a KB article regarding the same:



Posted by Brian Bowman on 04-Apr-2017 09:14

James is right.  I do have it on the roadmap and it is very near the top for installation.  Unfortunately we could not get to it for 11.7.0.  

Posted by Tony on 04-Apr-2017 16:48

Thanks to all for the replies. It was as i feared :(

@James:- 64bit is our future, 32bit DLL's are our hurdles.

Thanks again, Tony.

Posted by James Palmer on 06-Apr-2017 06:47

Yeah I hear you there Tony. We're the same. One could at least have a separate server for the DB that is running 64bit, with 32 bit clients connecting to it.

Although now is the time to start looking at getting over those hurdles. A time is coming when Windows won't support 32bit executables at all. Can't say when that will be, but you'd be wise to be prepared!

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 06-Apr-2017 07:06

If Windows stops supporting 32-bit then the ActiveX manufacturer will have to come out with a 64-bit version.

We have a similar issue as we are in the POS business. We use Microsoft's POS for .NET and they only come in 32-bit version. I would hope that if MS stops supporting 32-bit OS they would come out with a 64-bit POS for .NET.

Right now we are in the  process of moving to 64-bit for our DB server, Appserver, Back Office clients, etc. The only apps we have that will be 32-bit will be our POS apps that require the 32-bit POS for .NET.

Posted by cverbiest on 06-Apr-2017 09:24

OE11.6 32bit and 64bit can be installed on the same server, just put them in separate installation directories.

No shared memory connection from 32bit to 64bit but network connection to localhost works

Posted by ezequielmontoya on 07-Apr-2017 10:30

Actually we use some old DLL-32bits that are not being produced anymore. There won't be 64bits versions!

If we replace that DLL with another one, we will need to rewrite a lot of programs for use the new DLL.

That's our future, but at least we won't be jobless.

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 07-Apr-2017 11:33


That is what we are actually in the process of doing right now with 11.7.

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