WebClient Application Install using Microsof Internet Explor

Posted by teppo_55 on 03-Apr-2017 01:28

WebClient Application Install using Microsof Internet Explorer 11

I have *.prowcapc file in a <A HREF=...> tag.

With all other browsers, the file is downloaded, and opened with WebClient Initializer, but with IE versio 11, it is opened in the browser as a scrambled text.

How could I correct the situation?  Are there any work arounds ?


- teppo

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Posted by Garry Hall on 04-Apr-2017 09:27

I was hoping someone with real-world experience would have chimed in, but I'll throw in 2 theoretical cents. Since this works with other browsers, this looks specific to IE. I tried a couple of searches for this behaviour. One thing I came across is answers.microsoft.com/.../c049da63-c030-424f-9562-642164b6332c, but there might be others more relevant. I have not tested this to see if I can reproduce it.

If you can identify a product problem in prowcini.exe (the WebClient Initializer) that prevents it playing nicely with IE 11, you should log a call with Tech Support.

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 04-Apr-2017 09:31

I am no expert but I do know enough that we do not use the web installer as it was not reliable.

For our initial install we wrote our own installer using installshield that will install WebClient if needed as well as the initial application. Once installed we do use the intellistream to bring down updates to our WC application.

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