Vst to json

Posted by Jens Dahlin on 14-Mar-2017 07:45

I seem to remember somebody posted a small (or big?) program for dumping a lot of vst-data to json-format here?

When searching now I can't seem to find it? Am I mistaken?

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Posted by Peter Judge on 14-Mar-2017 08:06

Is DataDigger https://datadigger.wordpress.com/ what you’re thining of? I think it does VST-to-JSON ?

Posted by Jens Dahlin on 14-Mar-2017 08:10

Doesn't ring a bell. But I was looking for something that just collected all (or at least a lot) of metrics from vsts and exported as json. Think it was just a single .p-program, no gui at all. Not too hard to do oneself but if the wheel is already invented...

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