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Posted by goo on 02-Mar-2017 06:19

A customer has several .prl files that contains multiple reports. It seems like each of the reports has connection data for the database. Is there a simple way of changing the connections without having to travers through all the reports? I know I can change the parameter for _printrb.p, but then I need to do that within the code....

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 02-Mar-2017 06:30

Best would really be to implement once a variable parameter for the database connections passed to  _printrb.p.
The ABL application should be passing the DB connection parameters dynamically. You don’t want to change that in all the reports whenever the server setup changes.
Also – how would you deal with Dev, Test and Prod setups? When the parameters are only hard-coded in the .prl ?

Posted by goo on 02-Mar-2017 06:35

Ok, I was hoping for a -pf kind of thing, but I believe it should be pretty easy to walk through the code and change the connection parameter.


Posted by Mike Fechner on 02-Mar-2017 06:46

We use a wrapper procedure to _printrb in which we access a value from a config file.
    RUN  aderb\_printrb(
           FILE-INFO:FULL-PATHNAME,            /* RB-REPORT-LIBRARY */
           "reportname",                    /* RB-REPORT-NAME */
           "sports2000 = " + getParameterValue ( "DB-Connect" ),          /* RB-DB-CONNECTION */

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