Outer apply from Crystal Reports sql to OE 11.5 database?

Posted by richtpt on 24-Feb-2017 16:32

In Crystal Reports I'm writing a command to get the data.  When I try to save the command it tells me it can't find the outer apply table.field.  Here's the sql (note the outer apply is simplified for testing):

select tag_rec."tag-num", tags.TagDetTally, pro_duct.desc2 as 'Size', tag_rec.desc2 as 'TRLength'
  from tag_rec
       inner join pro_duct on pro_duct.product = tag_rec.product
       outer apply (select tag_detail.tagnum as 'TagDetTally '
                      from tag_detail
                     where tag_detail."tag-num" = tag_rec."tag-num") tags

It keeps saying it can't find tags.TagDetTally.  This works fine in Crystal when connecting to a sql server database.  Is this not possible?  Thanks!

p.s. Connection is using the Progress OpenEdge 11.5 ODBC driver.  The driver works fine, just can't get this outer apply working.

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Posted by marian.edu on 25-Feb-2017 00:50

That’s simply because cross/outer apply is a sql server thingy and not an SQL standard, you can probably get along with a regular (outer) join here…

select tag_rec."tag-num", tag_detail."tag-num" , pro_duct.desc2 as 'Size', tag_rec.desc2 as 'TRLength'
  from tag_rec
       inner join pro_duct on pro_duct.product = tag_rec.product
       outer join tag_detail on tag_detail."tag-num" = tag_rec."tag-num”

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