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Posted by goo on 16-Feb-2017 06:46


I would like to add a prowc.exe as a service and wounder if there is a simple way of doing that without having to fix registry on the windows2012 server? I need to see it in the services list.

//Geir Otto

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Posted by cverbiest on 16-Feb-2017 06:56

Maybe this helps
can't reach the site @ this moment but the github link works

Posted by Garry Hall on 16-Feb-2017 07:35

To put this in perspective: You want to use prowc.exe, the WebClient GUI client, running headlessly as a Windows service. To quote a recent public description from bug PSC00325661: "As the GUI client is a GUI process, it interacts with the UI through Windows messages. Newer versions of Windows prevent services from interacting with the UI, with Session 0 Isolation. The OpenEdge GUI clients should not be used for running Windows Services, even when using -b. Instead, use the OpenEdge character client (_progres.exe)." Even if you run prowc.exe without any UI program, in certain circumstances it might check the message queue, and unexpected behaviour could occur.

The non-sucking service Carl mentioned might be a way around it, i haven't looked into it, but if you are looking to use the Windows service implementation, your supported choice is to use _progres.exe.

Posted by goo on 16-Feb-2017 09:23

Thanks Garry, important to know. I will use _progres.exe instead

Posted by goo on 16-Feb-2017 10:01

Just by the way, I got a .net programmer to make a New exe file that starts prowc.exe (probably like the non-sucking service), and it woks as a Sharm.... If it starts making problem, I will use _progres....

I am just listing the processlist of the server and checking the size of all the private Queues that is setup and sending the info to a appbroker...

Posted by ChUIMonster on 16-Feb-2017 10:26

You really shouldn't be using prowc or prowin for this kind of stuff.  Services and batch programs are *headless*.  The proper executable for that kind of thing is _progres.  

FWIW I like NSSM -- we use it very successfully with ProTop.

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