Progress ODBC two database on same server in a single query

Posted by Serge Darveau on 12-Feb-2017 21:55

I'm trying to get a dataset from a single query using 2 Progress ODBC on the same server but different ports.

Connecting to a single database works fine and return results in the dataset. I've searched for more than 5 hours online but I didn't find any working solution.

This is an example of connection string for my odbc connection :

DRIVER={Progress OpenEdge 10.2A Driver};HOST=myServer;PORT=9001;DB=myDB1;UID=myUser;PWD=myPassword;DIL=READ UNCOMMITTED;

I really don't want to merge 2 differents dataset as the tables I'm querying are quite large. I saw examples with msaccess databases and sql server databases, but nothing with ODBC connections. Is that even possible?

I tried something like that but i'm getting a syntax error:

SELECT         a.*
FROM             myDB1.PUB.Customers a
INNER JOIN [thewholeconnectionstring of DB2].PUB.Sales b
ON                   a.SomeID = b.SomeID
WHERE          a.SomeField = 'SomeFilter'

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Posted by hrk on 12-Feb-2017 22:09

The Progress Kbase has an article which may help you ("QUICK GUIDE TO SETTING UP MULTI DATABASE ODBC / JDBC CONNECTIVITY")

Article URL:


Humphrey Koraag.

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