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Posted by Paweł Korczak on 06-Feb-2017 15:35



I have an issue with client connection to the remote AppServer thru Name Server.

I am running classic AppServer service named e.g. HEZNER and I can connect to it from a local client (thru Name Server).

However, when I do the same thing from a remote machine (working in the same network) the connection fails.

There is no error message in broker, server, NS log.

I have checked that I can connect directly to the broker.

Do you have an idea why I can't connect thru Name Server?

FIREWALL not bloked port 5126 UPD ...


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Posted by lecuyer on 06-Feb-2017 15:54

It is possible that the firewall on the nameserver machine has blocked the outgoing response, or that the firewall on the client machine has blocked the incoming response packet from the nameserver.  You could (temporarily) disable these firewalls to see if the problem is resolved.

Note that you can configure the source ports on the client machine via properties on the CONNECT() statement.  The syntax is slightly different depending on the type of client you are using.

Posted by Paweł Korczak on 07-Feb-2017 04:17

Firewalls are disabled on both computers ...

I checked on port 5162 application is listening ....

What you see in the log file with WINDOWS ...

Another important news 4-5 days ago everything worked properly.

I have no information to anyone change the configuration of NS PROGRESS ...

As you can see in the files LOG NS or anything at all to him, and whether the process reaches NS responds.


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