Allow domain accounts to disconnect users using Promon

Posted by James Edmonds on 02-Feb-2017 07:48


I am wondering if anyone can help me come up with a solution that allows individual domain accounts the ability to disconnect users from a database using Promon.

At the moment, when running the admin service as local system, only the domain administrator account can disconnect users. This is against our parent companies security policy, and we need to audit this kind of event by using each technicians individual domain account.

It would also be good to know if there is a way to do this from a remote workstation, or if it must always be done on the server running the database?



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Posted by James Edmonds on 13-Feb-2017 03:34

Any thoughts on this please guys?

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 13-Feb-2017 08:14

I am not aware of any elegant solution to your problem. Did you open a ticket with tech support? OpenEdge Explorer would probably work but I'm not sure if there is enough granularity in the security to allow someone to login and disconnect a user but not be allowed to make config changes. I'm also not aware of where or how this would be logged.

Posted by cverbiest on 14-Feb-2017 02:53

On linux we deal with this using sudo.

Posted by James Edmonds on 15-Feb-2017 11:47

Unfortunately, the Progress license is handled by our software developer/provider, as we are users of their software built on top of Progress.

We cannot open a ticket directly, and they are not willing to spend the time to handle this on our behalf, which is what has prompted my posting here.

I will have a look at OE Explorer to see if this may instead fit our needs, and try and open a ticket with support directly.



Posted by DimitriG4 on 15-Feb-2017 12:30

Why do you need to disconnect users ?  

Posted by James Edmonds on 17-Feb-2017 03:25

When our users are using the application provided by our third party, which is built on progress/openedge, the app sometimes crashes or the server they are on bluescreens, and their connections in the database are left active.

When the users tried to log back in to the app, it will fail as they already have an active connection to the database.

In order to allow them to login again, we must first manually disconnect a user from the database.

Posted by George Potemkin on 17-Feb-2017 03:51

Easy solution will be to set keepalive timeout on the server.

Posted by James Edmonds on 17-Feb-2017 04:46

Assume that would only affect idle TCP/IP connections (meaning no knock on effect for connected users), and once the connection is dropped, the entry in the database connection list would be removed?

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