How to connect to remote database (server) in openedge studi

Posted by vitoba piska on 01-Feb-2017 11:26


I unable to connect to remote database in Openedge.

Actually, while doing development in mfg/pro, we will connect to database through putty and will do development and compile.

I want to do the same using openedge studio.

Kindly suggest the process.

Thanks & Regards,

Vitoba Piska.

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 01-Feb-2017 11:32

Hi Vitoba,
The database needs to be running against a port number.  Verify that it was started using the -S startup parameter.  If it was, then your openedge studio client would connect using a command line like this -> prowin32.exe -db mydb -H hostname_of_server_running_db -S port_number_db_was_started_with.

Posted by Matt Baker on 01-Feb-2017 11:34

To start with, make sure you have an project created (from the File menu).  During the new project creation you can provide access the list of databases configured in the work space.

If you already have  aproject, then select project->properties, select the openedge->databases node.  From there you can link to the workspace configured databases.

You'll need to know the database name, host, and port, and login information for the database you want to connect to.

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 01-Feb-2017 11:40

Matt’s comments are for Developer Studio (i.e., the eclipse based IDE).  You specifically mentioned OpenEdge Studio which is the older development product.  Follow Matt’s instructions if you are using Developer Studio and mine if you are using OpenEdge Studio.

Posted by Matt Baker on 01-Feb-2017 11:42

Oops. Missed that distinction.  Thanks Brian.

Posted by vitoba piska on 01-Feb-2017 12:07

Thanks Matt.

Kindly suggest me to do steps for connecting DB.

I went to properties->progress Openedge->Database Connections->cofigured database connections->new.

After that, I am getting confusion with Physical name ,logical name.

My Server is

Kindly help me any reference.


Posted by Brian K. Maher on 01-Feb-2017 12:24

Hi Vitoba,
At a minimum you will need the database name, the hostname it is running on and the port number it is running on.

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 01-Feb-2017 12:26

FYI .. you only need the logical name if you have code that explicitly references the tables in the database using a name other than the database name.
For example...
Given a database named bob and a table named fred:

-          display bob.fred               <-- requires that the connected database have either a physical name or logical name of bob

-          display fred                        <- the database name doesn’t matter since you only reference the table name

-          display orange.fred         <- requires a logical name of orange since the real database name is bob but the code references it is orange

Does that make sense?

Posted by Matt Baker on 01-Feb-2017 13:30

For that dialog you need 3 values.  The database name, the port number, and the machine name.  You might need user+password. I'll ignore that for now.

In your case the database name is on a different machine so only put in the database name, not the full path to the database.

Then put in the database host and database port fields.  You can use IP asddress or hostname, either should work as long as the machine is accessible.  

And optionally user+password.  

Check with your database admin, they may provide other switches you might need such as logical name.

Use the 'test connection' button to make sure you get it right.

Finish the wizard.  You don't NEED the SQL stuff, in the rest of the wizard, PDS can get by without it, but a few things won't work.  So if you know the connection details for the SQL database connection to the same database, fill those in.  Often they are exactly the same as the ABL connection details.

Once you're done with the wizard, you should end up back at the project properties database page.  Hit the checkbox on the right row in the table, and press ok.  

That's it, you're done.

Posted by vitoba piska on 01-Feb-2017 14:11

Thanks Brian.

Once I connect to DB, I will let you know.

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