DECIMALS property in data dictionary

Posted by rkane on 01-Feb-2017 09:28

Progress 10.2B

We have a file with a decimal field that was defined with the DECIMALS property set to ? for unknown reasons.  I'm wondering what the scale of the field is set to when this happens?  It appears to be zero since values are being automatically rounded to whole numbers.  This hasn't been a problem in the past but we've recently started updating with much smaller values and it's become a problem.  Fixing changes the CRC which I would like to avoid.



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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 02-Feb-2017 09:28

Hi Rick,
In my quick testing it seems that the Data Dictionary forces ? back to 2.  I don’t know when this happened to your table but you may want to fix this the correct way which is to schedule the downtime, fix it to the correct value and recompile the code.

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