OS-COMMAND and Codepages

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 28-Jan-2017 10:56


When OS-COMMAND is used to execute a script, is the code-page of the OS used, or the one specified in -cpinternal?

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Posted by Garry Hall on 28-Jan-2017 20:25

Your question might need to be more specific. When the AVM executes OS-COMMAND, it builds the command string in -cpinternal. For unix , there is no conversion done, so the bytes that are sent to execl are the bytes that are encoded in -cpinternal. How the shell interprets them is up to the LANG settings of the shell,

For Windows, as of 11.3, I think, the AVM converts the command string from -cpinternal to wchars (Unicode) for CreateProcessW to execute.

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