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Posted by bbrennan on 17-Jan-2017 12:30

What is the process to create a MS SQL Server database from a OE DB?  This is a curiosity at the moment and not really a work related request.

A vendor has an application written in ABL deployed with Appserver.  They offer the back end as either MS SQL or Open Edge.  From my limited exposure, the customers are free to pick which one they want at deployment and off they go.

I have now seen a customer that currently uses OE and wants to migrate to SQL Server.  I am curious how this would get accomplished and what sorts of issues they might encounter.

Is CRC an issue? Triggers? Variable versus fixed field lengths?  Dump and Load or conversion utilities?

I know about Pro2. I don't think this is a use case.  This will be a single conversion and not an on-going need.

I do know there is "R" code deployed for each back-end.  I assume there are things to watch for to make the SQL "R" code work with the new SQL DB.  Just curious how this all works.  Again this is a curiosity and not a job opportunity.


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Posted by Mike Fechner on 17-Jan-2017 12:38

I assume they are using data servers. R-Code is not compatible when switching DB-Type:

Posted by bbrennan on 17-Jan-2017 12:49

Yes, when using MS SQL, a data server is involved.  Sorry I left out that detail.

I have also found an interesting bit in the MS/SQL Data Server doc set.  There is a section that describes a process to migrate from OE to MS SQL.  I will read up on those mechanics.

Given R code and a data server are already built, are there any issues or concerns with how you convert the database so that the r code works?

This is a shinny ball that has grabbed my attention today.  I really should put it down and get back to my real work.

Posted by gus bjorklund on 17-Jan-2017 14:08


You will have to recompile the application. Not only that, but also:

* there are some 4GL constructs that do not perform well on dataservers. Fixing those requires some (minor) code changes

* there is a learning curve for tuning/configuring the database used with a dataserver. whatever progress database knowledge you have does not apply.

* performance monitoring must be relearned for the new database

there are some tools that come with the dataservers to help with migration. i don’t know the details regarding those so you will have to RTFM.

there are some white papers that should be somewhere in communities that give more info about migration to dataservers.


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