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Posted by goo on 17-Jan-2017 04:53

We have two different environments, one which is running on Linux With OE11.3, and one which is .Net. There are several processes running, both using webclient 11.6 and some .net processes as well as there are several processes running on Linux started by CronTab (progress processes).

In the future we would like to send SNMP Messages from within the processes, but we are thinking of maybe start With something else. I have been thinking of using a socket server to receive Messages and that could be kind of flexible, since both progress and .Net can do that.

I am thinking of seting up a progress socket server process on a machine With a known IPaddress as the socket server, and each known process will send a know ID and a PULS so that I know when it last sent a PULS...

Anyone haveing some comments on this? Is it a bad way of doing it? Anyone known a better way?

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