printing 2D barcode using progress 4glp

Posted by jagdeesh b on 16-Jan-2017 23:03

Hi everyone,

 I have requirement to print 2d barcode . can any one know how to print 2d barcode using progress 4gl .plesae help .

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by marko.rueterbories on 17-Jan-2017 01:36

Hi Jagdeesh,

you will need to have some kind of control (OCX or .NET) in place to display the barcode. If it comes to reporting, most of the report engines have build in support for barcodes or you need to use a special font that does the job for you.



Posted by Richard.Kelters on 17-Jan-2017 02:37

You could take a look at (Linux and Windows document generator with many barcodes supported) or (opensource .NET control also many barcodes supported)


Posted by Roger Blanchard on 17-Jan-2017 06:45

Combit does a good job as well.

Posted by PeterWokke on 17-Jan-2017 07:49

We use List&Label from Combit for many years now.

Forwarding your dataset to the designer and based on available Windows printer drivers you can print many barcode as the driver and LL support.

Programming and design of layouts are separated. Layout adjustments can be done without programm adjustments as long as the data is included in your dataset.

For most label printers you find proper drivers at

Posted by Alon Blich on 17-Jan-2017 08:43

docxfactory uses zint to generate barcodes, a popular open source barcode library.

zint might have a command line tool although i'm not sure if it's open source as well.

btw docxfactory has been published on github under the apache 2.0 open source license.

Posted by Marco Mendoza on 17-Jan-2017 13:09

With Zebra you can design the label in the Software, and to get the codes for send directly to the printer.



























^FT380,950^AFR,15,10^FDLinea Prod^FS




^FT180,50^AFR,15,10^FDNo. Empleado     Turno      Fecha^FS

^FT180,950^AFR,15,10^FDF Imp^FS





^FT20,60^ACR,52,30^FDCNH Components S.A.^FS


















Posted by OctavioOlguin on 17-Jan-2017 13:40

I use exactly the same approach as Marco...

Just to make some observations,

I talk directly to the printer, with an OUTPUT TO \\server\printerX

Where printerX is a zebra printer defined with TEXT ONLY driver. in windows..  and the direct access icon to the system ends with a -Wa -wpp set of paramteres..  (command line)

(so far 7 million labes and counting, since 2006)

Posted by Jean-Christophe Cardot on 17-Jan-2017 15:09

Just to complete the list ;) I'm using pdfInclude (new version) for this use case, thus doing this in pure ABL/4GL.

Can do a lot of different barcodes, incl. code39, code39 extended, code128, EAN13, EAN2 & 5 extensions, UPC-A, EAN8, Interleaved 2 of 5, code93, code93 extended, PDF417.

Full disclosure: I'm the developper of pdfInclude, see

Posted by ezequielmontoya on 30-Jan-2017 12:02

We use a font called "Code128" and send the print via Report Builder (Progress 9.1C)

Pure 4GL and goes Ok.

Posted by Alon Blich on 31-Jan-2017 03:36

afaik, you will need to both install the font on every machine and calculate the value.

if anyone is interested, there's a ready made font and getbarcode128.p procedure in the standard libraries project at the

note that the font is windows only.

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