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Posted by Bethe Tomasek on 13-Jan-2017 11:05

Mary Criscione - Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, gave me this Security Tech Tip and I thought I should share with the group. 

Did you know that the SHA-1 hash has weaknesses and that SHA-2 is considered much stronger?  Many Public Certificate Authorities are expected to drop SHA-1 in 2017.  Be prepared for these errors:  “Certificate not recognized,” “Connection not sure,” “Connection can’t be established,” “Bad certificate,” or “Untrusted certificate.”  In 2015, InfoWorld noted that the industry was moving to the more secure SHA-2 encryption.  They stated that many digital-certificate-consuming devices and applications would fail or display warning/errors if a digital certificate contained the SHA-1 (or earlier) hash.  SHA-2 is more secure and preferred.    Progress OpenEdge 11.6 gives you that piece of mind by supporting the latest Security protocols.

For other ways to secure your OpenEdge Application, check out our latest Security Webinar “Enhance Security for Your OpenEdge App”

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