Sending SNMP signal

Posted by goo on 09-Jan-2017 05:11

We have some processes running both from OE management and from CRONTAB scheduled jobs. Is it possible to send a SNMP signal ? (I assume it does:-)) Could anyone point me in correct direction for doing that kind of job? The customer has a MOM system for monitoring SNMP Messages, and I would like to send a signal saying that a process is alive.

 Both for Linux and for Windows processes.

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Posted by Matt Baker on 09-Jan-2017 09:01

What platform?  For linux there is an 'snmptest' and 'snmpwalk' command line tools.  You can probably install them for your distribution.

OEM has an SNMP adapter add-on that can send SNMP messages when an alert is fired.  The .mib file is in the ./config directory for OEM.

Posted by goo on 09-Jan-2017 12:31

Both Linux and Windows. I will try to have a look at snmptest. I only need to send, not read from. As far as I know the OEM SNMP adapter cost $2500 ... I hoped it was possible to do something a tool like SnmpSharpNet.... but I was not able to load that dll in the assamblie.

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