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Posted by goo on 30-Dec-2016 05:45

Would it be possible to use SMTPmail and connect to a Office365 account and send using that account? I am using a product called SwithMail.exe, wich is working swell, but I would like to not to be dependent of running on windows, or to send this tool with the installation. I would also like to run it on linux.

Would it be possible?

//Geir Otto

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Posted by jankeir on 30-Dec-2016 07:24

Only if you configure office365 to allow smtp without TLS:

This does cause a few security concerns so make sure you understand what you are doing.

Posted by goo on 30-Dec-2016 08:30

I really don't want to have a security issue :-)

Option 1 uses TLS

Option 2 only allow sending to recipients within the same domain

Option 3 seems too complicated

What method did you think of?

Posted by j.kattestaart on 31-Dec-2016 01:08

Consider using .NET assemblies.

I've written a mail.cls to access Office 365 through .NET

It uses TLS

It sends to all kinds of receipients

It is not complicated to write

Posted by goo on 31-Dec-2016 05:10

That would be a solution for windows, but I would like to have this on a linux server where I am not able to install any smtp clients. I want to send mail from a appserver procedure. It works swell if I use mail ... but I need to use Office365 so that it is not marked as spam. It works swell when sending from a windowsclient and office365, and of course I can use a webclient sending for me, but it would be much better if I could send from our appserver on linux.

Posted by j.kattestaart on 01-Jan-2017 03:04

It should be a matter of time. Linux and Mac already have ,NET

The only question how fast will Progress respond to this.

Posted by cverbiest on 02-Jan-2017 02:13

On linux, and sometimes even on windows, I always post to a local mail server that relays to the real mail server.

smtpmail can hang your session if connection to the mail server is lost, losing connection to localhost is much less likely.

The burden of posting the mails to the real server is offloaded from your application.

Posted by goo on 02-Jan-2017 02:29

That is a problem I need to address when happens. Right now I am not able to send email from my Linux because each email sent from the machine through my ISP's smtp, it will be marked as spam. When sending from Office365, it is ok. So my solution is to send each mail to a Queue, and have a webclient on a windowsmachine read and send through Office365. I would love to have that on the Linux.

Posted by keithg on 03-Apr-2017 15:28

I just had a similar need and discovered a command line e-mail tool called "mailsend":

Binaries for Windows and Linux are available.

I was just able to configure a command line to send via a customer's Office365 e-mail account that was created for use by devices at their site.

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