Creating a dataset and giving it the necessary temp-table

Posted by Rus Paul-Adrian on 21-Dec-2016 00:38

I am trying to create a copy of a table I have in my database and I am trying to use a dataset, however my memory is pretty hazy.

I have created the dataset dsUsers for a temp-table ttUser and I am trying to connect the temp-table to the dataset. Any code regarding this connection and some basic CRUD examples are welcome.

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Posted by rayherring on 21-Dec-2016 00:56

It is in the documentation, but what you are looking for (for a single TT) is: define dataset <dsname> for <ttname>

Posted by Rus Paul-Adrian on 21-Dec-2016 01:18

I am having some problems accessing the ttUser table after linking it.

It is giving me this error: "Unknown or ambiguous table ttUser (725)". I am getting this error at a "FOR EACH" code.

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