Are OE Tools for Business Logic obsolete ?

Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 23-Nov-2016 11:47

I've tried to use Tools in creating and maintaining datasets. Tools were usefull until first database update.

I could drag-and-drop new fileds from DB structure to diagram but new indexes, I couldn't.

There was no answer in my "[OE11.6.3] Business Logic Dataset Component update" thread as well. So the question is "Are OE Tools for Business Logic obsolete ?" and I shouldn't use them.



[OE11.6.3] Business Logic Dataset Component update
[OE11.6.3] Business Logic Dataset Component

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 23-Nov-2016 12:44

I’d say yes. We’ve given up on the T4BL when the only changes in every new release since the 10.1 releases have been new forms of uncompilable code that was generated.
Also due to the lack of functionality and generation of additional code, we’ve build our own tool as part of our framework product. Let me know, if you want to hear more.

Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 23-Nov-2016 13:36

Yes, would you be so kind.

By the way, I wonder there is no such a usefull tool in Dev Studio.

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