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Posted by Michael Hayes on 21-Nov-2016 10:50

I am looking for a list of companies or freelance support personnel.  We are currently running open edge 10.2, We are in the process of moving to a new platform, however we want to maintain our current DB until the time when the move is complete.  We are finding it more and more difficult to get support.  Can you recommend a Company or a Person who does this type of work.  I appreciate any and all comments.



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Posted by Marco Mendoza on 21-Nov-2016 11:17

India? France? SouthAfrica? Does not matter?

Posted by ChUIMonster on 21-Nov-2016 11:46

We do that.

Posted by Dyego Sousa on 21-Nov-2016 11:58

Hey Michael, I do this too. As a freelancer. Thank you.

Posted by Ruben Dröge on 21-Nov-2016 12:49

And so does Progress:

Posted by Alejandro Zbrun on 14-Dec-2016 07:47

You can try at

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