How to connect multiple databases simultaneously using ODBC

Posted by Rajish Mangattil on 18-Nov-2016 10:07

Hello All,

Not sure whether this forum would be the right place to find the answer. Apologies i have posted the query in wrong forum.

I'm trying to query two tables and these table are part of two different databases. I have setup the odbc configuration to connect to these databases using the progress openedge driver 11.4 ( 64 bit ) and is able to connect to these databases individually without any issue.

For running the query successfully i would need to connect to these databases simultaneously. How can this be achieved in windows?

I'm able to run the query on linux server by connecting to these databases via SQLexplorer, as i had setup a configuration file Below is the detail of the configuration file.




Do I have to create similar configuration file in windows to connect multiple databases. If yes, kindly advice.

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Posted by Etienne Begin on 18-Nov-2016 10:16

I assume the URL your are connecting is for DatabaseA.

Make sure the broker UID that serves databaseA has proper permission to read the database files for databaseB (/devl/db/devldb/custdb).

Otherwise your config file looks correct.  It needs to be located in databaseA directory.  The name must match the physical database name of databaseA


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