Setting up DSN for IBM Driver for ODBC Dataserver

Posted by jlacok on 18-Nov-2016 09:14


OE 11.3.2 64-bit on AIX

OE 11.3.2 ODBC Dataserver (32-bit) on Windows 2008 Server

IBM DB2 on iSeries 7

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We are using OE Dataserver to access IBM DB2 database on AS400. We have discovered some issues related to OE 11.3 Driver that was installed with Dataserver. Progress is recommending to use IBM Driver instead. Well, there are 2 different IBM drivers installed:

- IBM i Access ODBC Driver

- iSeries Access IBM ODBC Driver

Does anyone have any suggestions which one of those 2 drivers is better to use (performance / stability), and step-by-step instructions for creating ODBC DSN for recommended IBM driver.



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Posted by Santosh Behera on 23-Nov-2016 05:05

Hi Jan,

We don't support IBM DB2 on iseries 7 with OE dataserver for ODBC as we did not certify it. The last certified version is V5R4. However you can use iseries 7 on your risk.

As far as the driver is concerned, you can use  IBM iSeries Access ODBC Driver to connect to DB2 database.

You can also use the official driver(Openedge 11.3 Wire protocol driver for DB2) which comes with openedge dataserver component.

Please let me know if you have tried the openedge wire protocol driver for DB2 or not.

To create ODBC DSN you need to provide below details in general tab-

DSN name

IP addrss/host name

TCP port

Location name


Posted by jlacok on 23-Nov-2016 07:19

Hi Santosh

Thanks for your reply. We are currently using OE 11.3 Wire Protocol Driver.

We have 'discovered' the following issue with it:

OE Wire Protocol ODBC Driver requires that SQL Library is created on AS400 when setting up the ODBC connection.

Well, it looks like when SQL Library is created, it will 'pull' all current tables/indexes from specified AS400 libraries.

Any new indexes (even to existing tables) will not be added to that SQL Library 'auto magically'.

I needed to add some new DB2 tables to Progress Schema holder DB, and we found out that indexes for those tables are not being added to Schema Holder.

After doing some research, found a Progress KB suggesting to use IBM Driver instead if OE Wire Protocol Driver, or, to 'move' missing indexes into originally created SQL Library (which nobody here knows how to do...).

So that is why we was 'playing' with IBM Driver, but, there was 3 different ones listed, plus I was hoping that someone will have suggestions for properly setting up DSN for IBM driver for best performance.


Posted by Santosh Behera on 25-Nov-2016 04:17

Hi Jan,

We generally use OE Wire Protocol Driver . But I also used iSeries Access ODBC Driver to connect to the DB2 server. As far I remember, you can choose 'Enable lazy close support' and 'Enable data compression'  option in performance tab while creating the DSN for performance improvement.


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